Episode 1:  Pooh's Grand Adventure

Cait and Bob discuss the release of Hamilton and the lack of MCU at SDCC: Comic Con at Home.  They follow the news up with a deep dive review of Pooh's Grand Adventure.

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The Angry Tubby Cubby

1 tsp Mike's Hot Honey
Jack Daniels Honey
Dr. Pepper
Lemon juice

Place the tsp of Mike's Hot Honey in a microwavable cup.  Heat in 5-10 sec increments until it is warm enough to dissolve.  Add as much Jack Daniels Honey as you like and stir it up good until honey is integrated.  Add Dr. Pepper and a splash of lemon juice.  Stir stir again.  Enjoy.

(We are not sponsored by any of these people.  We just like their products.  Also, drink responsibly.)

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