Happy Spooky Season, everyone!  In today's episode, Cait and Bob catch up on the month's worth of Disney+ news we missed while on hiatus.  Then it's a deep dive into our first Halloween feature this year, The Muppets Haunted Mansion!

The King Prawn

Lime Gin
Bloody Mary Mix
Old Bay and any other shimp seasonings of choice
Pickle spear

Cook up the shrimp in the Old Bay (and any other seasonings you like).  If you want the shrimp cocktail style, refrigerate and assemble your drink once the shrimp is cold.  If you want your shrimp hot, get to work!  Mix lime gin and Bloody Mary mix to your liking.  Garnish the drink with a skewer of the shrimp and a pickle spear.

((Please drink responsibly, and do not explore haunted buildings while under the influence.))

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