Listeners, darlings!  Welcome to this week's episode in which Cait and Bob do a deep dive on Cruella.  This should go without saying, but there will be spoilers!  In Disney+ news, our hosts also discuss new Marvel series and the theme parks behind-the-scenes show Cait's always dreamed of.

The Dalmatian Downfall

Chocolate liqueur
Chocolate syrup
Vanilla ice cream
Magic shell / Melting chocolates
Chocolate cherry moonshine-soaked cherry

Mix together a little chocolate liqueur with the chocolate syrup.  Line the inside of a martini glass with it.  Blend vanilla ice cream and the Horchata.  Add to the glass.

For the spots:  Freeze small dollops of magic shell / melting chocolates.  Once frozen, place the dots on top of the drink.

Garnish with boozy cherry.

((Please do not attempt fashion while under the influence.  Needles are sharp.))

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