To start us off this week, Cait and Bob discuss the many great movies that became streamable this week.  And Cait gushes for way too long about the Hawkeye series in the Marvel Minute.  Then our hosts do a deep dive on Atlantis: The Lost Empire (pun intended).  Hey, important question: Who LOOKS more like Bill Pullman?  Emilio Estevez or Bill Paxton?

The Lost City

Build a city of sugar cubes and hold them together and to the bottom of the glass with a little Karo syrup.

In a separate container, mix 2 shots of blue curacao, 1 shot of silver tequila, a tbsp lemon juice, and fill the rest of the way with Sprite.

Pour gently along the side of the glass to avoid early city demolishment.

Watch the city crumble away.

((Please drink responsibly so that only sugar cube cities get destroyed and not real ones.))

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